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I swapped a different axle into my truck, what do I need to order?Updated 4 months ago

Axle swaps are fairly common on Ram trucks, and we've seen every combination possible.  The thing back in the 2000's was to swap in the 94-97 front axle so we could run Ford manual hubs. Then people started using the 2002.5 Dana 60 because it didn't have the CAD.  Then 3rd gens came out and ran the AAM axles, which have a lot of advantages.  We're not a drivetrain company so I'm not going to go into a lot of details on the advantages and disadvantages, but for the sake of ordering DOR parts on trucks with swapped axles, you just need to let us know what year your axles are.  For instance, if you're ordering a set of control arms, we just need to know what year the frame is and what year the axle is.  We can make arms that will fit a 94-97 axle and a 2000-2002 frame, or vice versa.  If you are running an AAM axle under your 2nd gen, we can make that work too.  We just need to know what you have.  Same goes for rear axle swaps.  If you have something non-stock, just let us know when you order and we'll make it the way you need it.  This is the benefit of ordering custom made parts from a place that specializes in Dodge trucks.  Not many other companies can offer this flexibility. 

If you have questions, feel free to reach out to us prior to placing an order.  

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