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Articles regarding installation and usage of our products.

Installation guides

All of our installation guides are available on the site: Just click the link to whichever product you're installing, and the PDF will load.  You can print it out from there if you need to.  We stopped sendi

Steering kit tapered bolt install info

Our tapered bolts have been superceded by the tapered sleeve and Grade 8 hardware due to supply issues, however this info is still good for anyone running our tapered bolts.  If you have the tapered sleeve and Grade 8 hardware, not all of this info a

Which track bar should I order for my 2nd gen?

We have a few options on track bars for 2nd gen trucks.  The most common one we sell is the HD track bar, part number 1002 or 1002-LIFTED.  We also have an extreme duty track bar, part number 1003, which is a beefed up version of the HD track bar.  T

Basic install instructions for all products

When installing any of our products, and really anything in general, there are some basic instructions that may be helpful to you. This all used to be common knowledge but over the years it seems like people aren't taught these simple rules that ofte

How hard is it to install a steering linkage?

Steering linkages such as our bolt-in heavy duty steering upgrades are not hard to install, but you must pay attention to details.  There is a lot of stuff going on with the steering under a solid axle Ram truck.  Not only do these parts work togethe

I swapped a different axle into my truck, what do I need to order?

Axle swaps are fairly common on Ram trucks, and we've seen every combination possible.  The thing back in the 2000's was to swap in the 94-97 front axle so we could run Ford manual hubs. Then people started using the 2002.5 Dana 60 because it didn't

What steering stabilizer should I use with DOR steering?

Any steering stabilizer that has a 1/2" bolt hole will work with our steering clamps, but if you don't use one of our clamps, you'll just want to find a stabilizer that has at least 8" of travel.  It can have more travel than that, but not less.  We

Steering kits, track bars, and drop brackets

We get this question a lot, and it's covered on the product pages, but here is a shorter version. If your truck is stock height, up to 3" lift, you don't need a drop pitman arm so you don't need a track bar drop bracket.  Once you get above 4" of lif