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What steering stabilizer should I use with DOR steering?Updated 3 months ago

Any steering stabilizer that has a 1/2" bolt hole will work with our steering clamps, but if you don't use one of our clamps, you'll just want to find a stabilizer that has at least 8" of travel.  It can have more travel than that, but not less.  We used to sell the Fox 2.0 IFP stabilizer with our steering kits, but they started becoming so hard to get that we just quit offering them.  Any pressurized stabilizer will work better than a monotube or twin tube shock.  If the single stabilizer is less than $150, it's probably a monotube shock which only dampens the side to side movement of the steering.  They don't really help make the steering tighter or keep the truck driving straight down the road like a pressurized stabilizer can.  Dual stabilizer setups using monotube shocks are not any better than a single stabilizer, honestly it's just more stuff cluttering up your front end.  If you get a dual stabilizer setup with pressurized shocks then you will notice a big change in how tight the steering is, however the dual stabilizers will offset each other in regards to correcting any right-pull or left-pull from aggressive tires or the crown of the road.  What we've always said is that stabilizers are a band aid, they just cover up other issues.  If you find that your truck drives like crap without a stabilizer, you have other issues to correct.  But once the front end is tight and dialed in, adding a good stabilizer can help make driving your truck a little less exhausting. 

The Fox stabilizer we always used with our steering kits was FOX-985-24-170, which can usually be found on Amazon, Summit Racing, and other retailers. 

Fun fact:  Almost all monotube and twin tube shocks are made by the same factory, but companies will put their own sticker and/or paint on them and charge you more.  So if you're going to run monotube or twin tube shock, don't pay more for a specific brand - you're getting the same product as the cheapest part store version. 

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