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Order status informationUpdated a month ago

You can check the status of your order 24/7 on our website by logging in to your account:  My Account

From there, your orders will show up in the first screen.  You can also change your billing or shipping addresses, payment methods, look at products you've recently viewed, and make other changes to your account. 

The order status will show up to the right of each order you've placed.  You can also click on the order number to view more information. 

Our order statuses are pretty straight-forward, but we wanted to elaborate on each status a bit more to help customers understand exactly what each status means. 

Pending - shopping cart has been populated with all info, payment is pending 

Welding / Awaiting Fulfillment / In Production - order has been submitted and paid for, products are in production. Orders for products that are not in stock will be in this status for longer than any other status. This is where raw materials go to finished products, so it can include ordering materials, cutting them out, machining, welding, grinding, bending, punching, test-fitting, coating, tapping, and de-burring. This status may be shown as different names depending on where you're looking on the site, but they are all the same part of the process. 

Packaging / Awaiting Shipment - order has been completed or partially completed and is now in our packaging department.  We do final fitment testing and assembly in this phase. Any issues found with the product will be corrected before the order is fulfilled. 

Partially Shipped - if your order has multiple items and we have only shipped some of the order, it will go to this status until the rest of the order is fulfilled. Tracking info will be provided automatically via email when a package is sent. 

Shipped - order is complete, all products have been shipped. Tracking info will be provided automatically when the order is moved to the shipped status. 

Completed - order is complete but no shipping was required. 

On Hold - order is on hold temporarily, this can be at a customer's request or due to issues with the order/payment. 

Disputed - order is on hold due to a disputed payment status.  This happens when you file a chargeback; the order will not progress until the chargeback is resolved. 

Cancelled - order was cancelled and credit has been issued. 

Refunded - order was refunded to the original form of payment and the order is no longer active. 

Declined - order was submitted but payment was declined due to a variety of reasons, we have no control over the declined payments and receive almost zero information about why it was declined. 

Partially Refunded - order was partially completed and credit was issued for the remaining items that were not fulfilled. 

We hope that this information is helpful in understanding exactly what each order status means. You can always check your current order status by logging in to your account on the site, by using our Live Chat/Self Service widget, or by sending us an email.  Due to the volume of orders we process, it's not always possible for us to give you more detailed information on your order beyond the status of it. Specific ship dates are only available once the order is in the Packaging/Awaiting Shipment status.  If you have further questions, feel free to reach out to us anytime! 

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