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What is the lead time or build time for a specific product?Updated 4 months ago

This list will be updated when possible, but please understand these are general estimates and we're not able to update this list every time something changes.  However, these lead times should help you have a rough idea how long it takes certain products to be built and shipped. These timelines are an average based on several years of data, and are in no way a guarantee.  Things can and will change at times and we do not have control over delays caused by other suppliers. 

Most recent update - March 19th, 2024

Steering braces - 1-2 weeks

Track bars - 2-3 weeks

Steering kits - 2-3 months

Long arm kits - 3-4 months

Short arms - 4-6 weeks

Suspension kits - vary greatly, anywhere from 3-4 weeks to 12 months depending on options

Traction bars - 4-6 weeks

Shackle flips - 2-3 weeks

End links - 3-4 weeks

Again, these are not guaranteed timelines, they are general estimates meant to give customers a rough idea of how long these products may take to ship.  Some will ship faster, some will ship slower.  For the best info, reach out to us prior to placing an order.  Not all products are listed on here, just the ones that we get asked about most often. 

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