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Why is my order taking longer than expected to ship?Updated 2 months ago

We understand that receiving your order in a timely manner is important, and we apologize for any delays that you might experience. Delays can occur due to a number of factors including backorder issues, high demand, supply chain disruptions, equipment maintenance, or internal workflow issues such as staff members being out sick or computer system errors. Rest assured, we always do everything we can to work through any backlogged orders and expedite production.  Our goal is to send all orders out as quickly as possible to provide the best customer service and help get your truck fixed up, or get your build finished.  Please keep in mind that many of our products are listed as built to order and we have estimated build times posted on our site for most products.  We get some customers that overlook this information and expect their order to ship within days or a couple of weeks when the build time posted is much longer than that.  We will make sure to send out the order as soon as we can and will keep you informed with tracking information once it is dispatched. Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.

More information copied from our website FAQ: 

We provide tracking info on all shipments, and this will be emailed to you when the order is shipped.  You can also get the tracking info from the order status section of "My Account" on our site. 

We often get asked "How long does it take to weld a couple of tubes and some brackets?" and the answer is really more complex than that.  We never have less than 100 individual orders in production at any given time, and usually that is closer to 200-250 orders.  So we batch similar products together to save time.  Rather than build one shackle flip, one long arm kit, one steering kit, and so on, we build 10 shackle flips, 10 long arm kits,  20 track bars, 50 steering kits, etc.  This cuts down the production time per product drastically.  Many of our older customers will remember when we used to build everything one at a time, individually, as the orders came in.  The wait times were 10 times longer than they are now.  So the answer is no, it doesn't take very long to cut, bend, and weld up one steering kit or any other product.  But we're not doing one steering kit by itself - we are doing 50 of them.  And that does take time, especially when you factor in that we make almost every single piece of hardware that goes into each steering kit. These aren't off-the-shelf parts available anywhere else.  We realize that everyone wants our products and they want them to ship immediately, but part of the reason we are able to be successful in our niche market is that we don't have a lot of overhead in the form of inventory sitting here waiting to be sold.  Building products the way we do it, we're able to do everything in house, keep costs down, and therefore keep our prices lower than other high-end manufacturers.  It is a unique characteristic of our business and it has worked extremely well, so we ask our customers to be patient with us and in exchange we will provide you with the best products available for your truck.  

Another thing we recommend is to not start installing anything, or dismantling your truck, until you have received all packages from us and have verified that all of the parts needed are on hand.  So many times we get calls from customers who got a partial shipment, didn't notice that it was partial, and already tore their truck apart to start the install.  We ship items as they are available, so you may not get the entire order in one shipment or at one time.  It could be weeks or more between shipments, especially in the cases where we are drop shipping items from other manufacturers and they have backordered parts.  As a general rule of thumb with all truck parts and similar items, make sure you have everything you need before you tear your truck apart, especially if your truck is your daily driver.  

If you order a part that is listed as "drop shipped from manufacturer" or simply "drop ship," that means these parts are not stocked by DOR and are shipped directly from the manufacturer.  We do not guarantee these items to be in stock.  If they are in stock, they will ship immediately.  Sometimes the manufacturers are in between runs on that particular part and it can take several weeks for your part to ship.  As always, if you need a part by a particular date, email us prior to placing your order so we can check on the stock status of those parts.  We do provide tracking info from the drop shipper as soon as we get it, but sometimes there is a delay between the time it goes out and the time we get the tracking info.  
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